Thursday, August 14, 2014

This Desert Life

It's been over a year since my last post.
Sorry about that.
I live in the desert now.
That sounds sexy...until you actually move to the desert.
Then it sinks in.
It really is the desert.
It's hot.
And flat.
And dry.
But it hasn't been all bad.
Sure, there was some crying in the shower.
But they also have different brands of ice cream out here.
And that makes any intense anguish I felt pretty much worth it.
I like being able to climb mountains.
And when I say "climb mountains," I mean walk up steep hills.
I'm afraid of scorpions, of course, and rattlesnakes.
There was a scorpion on my bed one day.
So my fear is not unfounded.
Stop telling me not to be nervous about scorpions and rattlesnakes.
Because I already saw a live one.
So it's not like it can't happen.
It already did happen.
It was half dead but still scary as shit.
And now every night I have to do a scorpion check.
I don't have to, really.
But I do have to.
You know?
But it's not so bad.
I can wear sandals every day if I want.
And I live pretty close to a Chipotle.
And I don't have to drive as far to see indie movies.
And I don't have to worry about snow storms.
And it seems like my car has stopped rusting.
I miss breezes.
I miss lying in the cool grass.
Even though I pretty much never did that.
I still miss it.
You don't have to tell me.  
I know it's a rookie mistake.
To move away and think it's going to change everything.
Because my brain lives inside my body and it's not like I left my body behind.
My cat is freaked out.
All the time.
He's like a traumatized toddler with attachment issues.
He follows me around.
And meows outside the bathroom door when I'm in the shower.
I like it.
Even though I know it means he's in some kind of turmoil.
But he's also so snuggly.
And can't you just let me have this one thing?
I guess it'll probably be fine.
My heart is still beating.
My brain is still thinking of new things to be scared of.
And if I squint I can convince myself I'm in California.
I'll write again soon.
Probably another year from now.
And I'll let you know what happened to me.
'Til then, thanks for listening.

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